Bitmap Game



This game is inspired by my observation of "conflicts of thought":


When I enter college, I met many people from all over the country who possess different characters. Then I came across some conflicts of thought and jumped between" Why people can be so annoying" and "Am I the annoying person? why do I think so differently from others?" Therefore, I grew silent, keeping my opinion a secret to avoid conflict.


As I grow up, I gradually realized that I could not change what other people think, I just need to sincerely express myself, and accept different voices. And I found the "thought-conflict lifetime" occurs not only to me but also to nearly everyone. So I design this game to disclose the process.

Game Design

There are 3 levels in the game.

Level 1

In the first level, "I" was born as a blank sheet, and "I" shape my thought by learning from people around me, such as my friends, teachers, and parents. "I" have to collect enough scores from them to pass this level. All the scores are in the same color, which means that "my" mind is shaped to be a simple one.

Level 2

In the second level, "I" leave my dearest ones to explore the world, "I" am happy to be friends with others in the beginning, but then "I" found they are so different from me, interacting with them only makes me confused and depressed. So "I" can only stay in a safe corner and avoid conflicting with their thoughts, or "I" would lose scores. In this level, "I" want the players to initially follow the mechanism they learned from the first scene. And then found by themselves that they would fail the game if they keep interacting with others, so they have to avoid receiving different thoughts. Which reminds them of " getting hurt and growing silent".

Level 3

In the third level, "I" was mature enough to welcome different opinions. So "I" could accept different scores. I can pass this stage by collecting all colors of scores.


At first, I tested this game with 3 players, which shows the game is too hard to pass and they both give up at the first level. Then I lower the difficulty and test it with the other 3 players, the results are:

  • Player 1: Finish it in 5 minutes / Got the concept of "thought conflict".
  • Player 2: Finish it in 17 minutes / Got the concept of "thought conflict".
  • Player 3: Did not finish it, gave up on the third level / Did not get the concept of "thought conflict".


  • 1. The bug in the "failure indicator sound" is annoying.
  • 2. Heart shape is not an obvious indicator of "thought" or "worldview". Player 3 is confused when she saw "Congratulations! You have got your worldview!" after passing the first level. I have to find a better graphic element to represent "worldview".
  • 3. The main role is always the same graphic, maybe I could create a children's version, a teenage version, and a grown-up version.